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Nanjing 179 bottled purified drinking water supply company; Specializing in bottled drinking water wholesale distribution business. The company's main bottled water brand; 179, Evergrande bottled drinking water, binglu Chunyue, Wahaha, Nongfu Shanquan and other brands. We have a scientific and efficient water ordering management system. Every customer's call can automatically identify his address, what kind of water to use, and the number of barrels he ordered last time. All the water ordering information is recorded into the customer management system. The computer automatically identifies the regional location of each customer, and the distribution scheme automatically enters the data network system for management. According to the principle of regional and nearby distribution, the bottled water ordered can be delivered to the customer's home accurately and quickly.

In terms of distribution area, nearly the whole main urban area of Nanjing can be covered in place. The company implements the whole process of IOT tracking of water delivery. The water delivery workers can reflect the water delivery process, where they are, how far they are from customers, when they expect to be in place, and the system can make every customer realize the high quality service we bring to you. Our service tenet is; For your service, for what you think, for my life, add luster.



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